Xiamen International Design Week 2016 Signed Agreement of Chief Strategic Partner with LEXON


The signing ceremony between Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2016 and LEXON was held on October 29th. Ms. Shi Jieyu, General Manager of Xiamen AMOYSEN Design Communication Co., Ltd, and Mr. Bai Jian, General Manager of LEXON in China signed the Agreement of Chief Strategic Partner.

As the most renowned design brand in France, LEXON has consistently regarded innovation as its design principle and commitment and adhered to it for the past 25 years since its foundation in 1991.

Every year, the enterprise team led by René Adda, founder of LEXON, selects outstanding products out of thousands of design works across the globe, puts them into production and sells them in more than 5,000 outlets in 85 countries and regions. LEXON also expresses its design principle in a multitude of modern art museums all over the world. With a principle of providing better experience for users, it has a wide variety of products, ranging from electronic products, bags, stationery, leisure goods to travel products. Also, LEXON products can give much fun to their users.


Thanks to its perseverance, LEXON has become a design enterprise with the most awards in the world. It scratched all 9 awards of China Good Design 2015 and continued to gain the Red Dot Award 2016 and China Good Design 2016.


In 2015, LEXON established “China LEXON Innovation Design Center” in Shenzhen to take charge of China LEXON design competition. It aims to discover emerging design intellects as well as welcomes the users of LEXON to participate in the development of its products. By immersing in Chinese culture and involving Chinese young designers, it manufactures good Chinese design works and sells them across the globe.

As the Chief Strategic Partner, LEXON strengthens the cooperation with Xiamen International Design Week in 2016. It is known that the development of designers and design industries depends on the support of manufacturers. Xiamen International Design Week provides an excellent platform for consumers and manufacturers to interact with each other as well as injects Chinese design industry with more vitality.