Florence Design Week in Xiamen|Modification of every pixel defines designers’ pursuit for perfection


Representative exhibits from Florence Design Week were displayed during Xiamen International Design Week 2016. Let’s unveil the stories behind them.


V.M. Preziosi Firenze

V.M. Preziosi Firenze is a goldsmith workshop and design studio, with an attached showroom, established in 1989 by Valerio Salvadori and Marco Frangini.

Both of the founders have managed, using enthusiasm and competence, to combine the skill of Florence goldsmith tradition with the experimentation of technical innovation.

In 1995, the workshop received first prize in the “Carlo Balducci” award, organized by the Rotary Club of Florence.

In 2003, they once again received first prize as best goldsmith atelier in Florence in the “On the rise” category in the competition organized by the Scuola dell'Arte della Gioielleria “Perseo” of Florence.

Also, in 2007 the same workshop came in third in the Design section of the Vespucci Award, an event organized by the Tuscan Region. Besides during various editions of Florentine events, such as Gift Mart and the International Craft Fair, Valerio Salvadori and Marco Frangini have shown their collections in a wide range of exhibits.


DiciannoveDieciDesign interprets “Made in Italy” as a life style. It puts emphasis on detail when planning their research with the aim of developing all aspects of design and fashion.

The DiciannoveDieciDesign concept is to transform traditional materials with technology, create a new language and feeling as well as sensation, give different meanings and uses to industrial designed furniture helping the power of communication.

Introduction to Designer NICCoLó RAFFAELLI

Born in Florence in 1977, NICCoLó RAFFAELLI starts study Design at the L.A.B.A Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence in 2006 where he graduates in 2010 with honors discussing a thesis on how to save water during shower with a product named Quantacqua. Quantacqua is shown during the Florence Design Week 2011 and then selected to be exposed at the London Tent Gallery during the London Design Festival 2011.

Since 2008, he started to move his first step as designer meeting the Arch. Luigi Trenti. He worked in his studio at first as an apprentice and then as a collaborator for product design projects. Since 2009 to 2010, he started his career as freelance designer working with the fashion jewelry brand Zoppini and going deeper in jewelry design knowledge.

Since 2012, he collaborated with E-my by Fratelli Guzzini designing the capsule holders collection METROPOLIS. The New York skyscraper shape is chosen from the New York coffee company Hiline Coffee. In 2013 and 2014, he was published inside DESIGN FOR book edited by Fausto Lupetti Editore.

Some of his products have been shown during the most important design fairs like HOMI Milan, Paris Maison & Objet, Ambiente Frankfurt, AmericasMart Atlanta, Hong Kong Gift & Premium fair. He has collaborated with some brands of them as designer like E-my Fratelli Guzzini, OOKY, ADAMO, BV Maniglie, Zoppini, Calamassi Gioielli, Boloni Global, Hiline Coffee, Zaditaly.

Introduction to SeFa

SeFa is a brand by Serena Fanara, Italian architect and designer. Nature and its forms are her primary research field and the main theme throughout the different lines of SeFa products.

Introduction to Designer Serena Fanara

Architect and designer, lives in Milan, Italy. Since 2000 she designed furniture and lighting items, as well as collaborating with other architects and companies in creating setups for exhibitions, festivals, clubs, etc. The study of nature and its forms, along with sustainability, respect for environment and re-use, are key themes throughout her work.

Serena Fanara’s installations have also the light as a dominant element, considered as an architectural object, as well as an element of aggregation and play. Her works were shown at Tent London (London Design Festival), Brugge (Belgium) – personal exhibition, Fuorisalone in Milan, Florence Design Week, Green Social Festival in Bologna, and at many art galleries and festivals in Europe.

She works as 2D and 3D animator and post-production operator for fashion brands and movie companies. She also conceived and produced architectural video mapping shows. Her works were displayed by several Italian design and art journals and books, as well as by blogs and dedicated websites.


A multitude of outstanding design works are inspired by ordinary objects or people, such as signs on the street corner or painters. Design goes beyond life and returns to our life. Designers from Florence, with their pursuit for perfection, achieve breakthroughs one after another in their design works. So many people imitate their works, yet few of them can make it. The difference between a master and an average person is what every designer should pay attention to.