Opening on October 29th| Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, CEO of Red Dot Design Award, recorded a greeting video for the opening ceremony


“Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2016” Design Fair was held fromOctober 29th to November 1st in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center. The exhibition was free to Xiamen citizens.Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot Design Award, recorded agreeting video for the opening ceremony, which showed his welcome to all designenthusiasts.

What were the highlights of this event?

Introduction to the exhibition

Xiamen International Design Week 2016 comprised 10 events. They were Design Fair, Opening Ceremony of Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2016, Red DotAcademy, exhibition of shortlisted CGD products, China Design Innovation Forum(TV show), large scale city exhibition Designers at the Seashore, sub-forum“Design & Innovation in China”, sub-forum “Attitude in Space Design”, ChinaGood Design Award Ceremony and Designers’ Night.

1. Design Fair

Centeredon the exhibition of Red Dot awarded products, the Design Fair was one of themost important parts of Xiamen International Design Week. This year’s designweek, with 577 booths and participants from 16 countries and regions, unveiled 226 award-winning products and 22 winning enterprises of Red Dot Design Award 2016,498 shortlisted items of China Good Design Award 2016.

2. The Opening Ceremony of Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2016

Red Dot Design Award, known as the Oscar of design, is originated from German. And the Red Dot Museum is its core resource. It is the 5th year that Red Dot Design Award has cooperated with Xiamen and an important announcement was made on the opening ceremony.

3. Red Dot Academ

Red Dot Academy, a core activity of Xiamen International Design Week, was centeredon the theme of “Intelligent design reshapes our life styles”. Courses on “Fromscience to design: how inventions will shape our future” were delivered by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot Design Award and 4 members of Red Dot international jury: Professor Lutz Fügener, chair of the BA degree coursein transportation design and member of the board of governors of Pforzheim University; Hideshi Hamaguchi, jury member of Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016; Joris Debo, creative director of Materialise; and Prof. Aart vanBezooijen, initiator of Material Stories.

4. Meeting with the jury of China Good Design Award

Underthe evaluation of 12 world-famous jurors, 498 items were nominated out of 2098 registered products. Nominees could meet 12 jurors, discuss and share viewswith them from improvements in products to future trending in Design. The 12 juries are Gordon Bruce, Aleksandar Tatic, Prof. Song Kee Hong, Prof. Ken Nah, Prof.Renke He, Vincent Créance, Martin Darbyshire, Vivian Wai-kwan Cheng, Prof. Cheng-NengKuan, Nils Toft, Prof. Cai Jun and Wolfgang Meyer-Hayoz.

5. China Design Innovation Forum (TV show)

The organizing committee of “Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China2016” cooperated with HOME.FOCUS.CN to host the China Design Innovation Forum. During the forum, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec and 4 jury members of CGD, Prof. Renke He, Martin Darbyshire, Vivian Wai-kwan Chengand Aleksandar Tatic had a dialogue with Scott Kronick, President and CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations in Asia-Pacific region, Flemming Pedersen, Vice President of TCL Multimedia and General Manager of the TCL Inno-Center, and Rao Jianghong, ChiefEditor of HOME.FOCUS.CN. They talked about design innovation standards, value of design brand, creative design principles for enterprises, cultivation of design intellects and the influence of media on market and consumer, trying to explore the position and development of their industries in an era of design innovation.

6.Designers at the Seashore, the large-scale city exhibition

Designer sat the Seashore 2016, with the theme of “A collection of water drops can makean ocean”, is one of the main events of Xiamen International Design Week 2016.In order to host more than 50 activities, such as exhibition, lecture, salon, workshop and fair, successively from September to November, it has summoned art designers in Xiamen, together with those from Taiwan and foreign countries,artists and creative agencies, to co-build a design carnival of “Seaside DesignJourney” all over the city. It provides people from all walks of life with a platform to communicate, present, experience and interact, as well as an opportunity to have a taste of design, experience it and purchase it. It was held in places including C-PLATFORM, D.House and Hotel WIND.

7.Sub-forum “Design & Innovation in China”

2016 is the first year after the launch of the“13th Five Year” Plan. With the goal of realizing an overall well-off society by 2020, China will witness a hugechange in its consumer market—the upgrade of consumption will be the mainstream and design innovation will remain its drive force for the next few years.

The sub-forum “Design & Innovation in China” invited Red Dot winning agencies and some Chinese enterprises to have a discussion and explore the future of innovation in China. Enterprises being invited were Schumann Design, Leedarson,Phoenix Design, Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering AG, Taiwan Jinxi Cultural andCreative Company, Jacob Jensen Design and Xiaoshuai Theater (Haier Group).

8.Sub-forum “Attitude in Space Design”

Large scale city exhibition Designers at the Seashore cooperated with toco-host the sub-forum “Attitude in Space Design”. As an important part of Xiamen International Design Week 2016, it invited leading figures in interior design industry to discuss about regional differences of interior design, share their successful cases, experience and their awarded design works. The forum,hosted by Lin Jian, head of Designers at the Seashore, invited Hu Yanli, Chief Editor of, as a guest on spot.

9. ChinaGood Design Award Ceremony

The CGD Award Ceremony 2016 was held in the Little Egrets Art Center in Xiamen.Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot Design Award, together with theCGD international jury composed of 12 leading figures in the global industrial design, attended the ceremony to announce the winners of the CGD award 2016 an daward them certificates of honor.

After the process of online pre-evaluation, 498 items were nominated out of 2098 registered design products. The evaluation process of CGD remained as strict as Red Dot Design Award with on-site judging and physical evaluation. The award-winning products could gain an international reputation as well as opportunities of market promotion.

10.Designers’ Night

The guests, together with Prof. Dr. Peter Zec and the international jury of 12 members, attended the “Designers’ Night” after the CGD Award Ceremony tocelebrate for this “design carnival” with designers across the globe.


Schedule of the exhibition