Weigh 13.5 kg, unfolded in 10 seconds, bear the weight of 150 kg! This bed saved thousands of people, won 6 international awards!




In the July of 2016, the heavy downpours in the rainy season battered Yangtze basin, mainly affected Wuhan, in the central Chinese province of Hubei. The city was hit by flood, and several dams burst. Thousands of people were relocated. The serious rainstorm leaded to a lack of relief material and shortage of bed in many relocation sites. Flood-stricken residents had to sleep on uneven “beds” pieced together by desks.


At the same time, volunteers from Tzu Chi Foundation rushed to the stricken areas in Hubei, and brought relief supplies as well as “Jing Si Multi-purpose Folding Bed” designed by Jing Si Publications to provide displaced people a good sleep.



The design of the bed was initiated by the founder of Tzu Chi, Dharma Master Cheng Yen. In 2010, she saw from TV that a Pakistani baby girl laid on the cold ground because her home was devastated by the flood. She felt sorry to see that, and thus called on the volunteers to seek possible resolution.



After 3 years’ research and development, the Fuhui bed, weighed 13.5 kg, easy to be stored and carried, has finally come into the market. It can be unfolded into a bed in 10 seconds and bear the weight of 150 kg. Also, just within a second, it can turn into a bench for a couple of people to sit. Apart from its convenience indoors or outdoors, its high mobility makes itself a useful replacement of the bed in a shelter or the sickbed in a medical aid station.


How to distribute “Fuhui bed” to displaced people worldwide to aid the rescue work?


In order to make it easy to carry, Dharma Master Cheng Yen makes wheels out of recycled trash cardboard to accompany the box so that it can be carried around like luggage.



Furthermore, when the paper box is opened, it can also be used as a cushion which makes users more comfortable and offers a better sleep for them.



Besides, it is also friendly to the environment. All the instructions are printed on the outside of the box to save paper. This design is called “SleepBox & Wheel”.


Both “Jing Si Multi-purpose Folding Bed” and “SleepBox & Wheel” won the Red Dot Design Award, China Good Design Award 2015 and four other international awards, appeared on the CCTV program “Dialogue” and were well praised by the jury from home and abroad. It was also appraised as “a design with sociality and social responsibility” by Prof. He Renke, vice chair of the China Industrial Design Association and one of the CDG jury in 2015, and Prof. Liu Guanzhong from Tsinghua University.

Jing Si Humanity team took part in the CGD Award Ceremony 2015.



The members of CGD jury are using the Fuhui bed in 2015.


CCTV program “Dialogue” — The Design Originality of Chinese Manufacture in 2015


Since the advent of Fuhui bed, it has been widely used at home and abroad. Wherever there is a natural disaster, there is a Fuhui bed. For example, it has been sent to earth-stricken Kathmandu in Nepal and multiple typhoon-hit areas in Fujian Province in China to offer a comfortable place to sleep for thousands of victims of the natural disaster.



What is good design?

It should not only satisfy various aesthetic needs and bring convenience to people, but also appeal to more people to concern about unsolved social problems.