What do the Award-Winners Say|Voice for China Good Design Award



The China Good Design Award Committee invited the 2015 CGD-winners to voice for the award! In recent days, the committee will release posters of the 2015 CGD-winning brand representatives, the posters will also appear on the official website of the China Good Design award. Please stay tuned!


Now, let’s see what the representatives of the 2015 CGD winning brands say?


What do the Award-Winners Say



China Good Design Gold Winner 2015: Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker


The China Good Design award has promoted china’s good designs in an extensive and efficient way. I feel thankful to China Good Design for its effort to vitalize Chinese design!

— Wang Chuan, co-founder of Xiaomi Electronics





China Good Design Winner 2015:  Roewe 360


China Good Design brought to SAIC MOTOR not only an honor, but also an excellent platform to show the world the new-generation design power of our Chinese motor brand!

— Shao Jingfeng, Director of Design Department, Technology Centre, SAICMOTOR



China Good Design Gold Winner 2015: WINBOT 9S


China Good Design is a stage for integrated branding and innovation. Being awarded the China Good Design Gold Winner has increased our brand popularity and informed more consumers of the way to know and buy China Good Design products.

—Li Xiaowen, Director of Industrial Design Department, ECOVACS Robotics Co., Ltd.



China Good Design Gold Winner 2015: Coocaa T55 TV


Winning the CGD award has improved the influence of design in the selling process of products and enhanced the brand image perceived by users.

— Chen Zhiyong, Dean of R&D Headquarters Design Research Institute, 

Shenzhen Chuangwei-RGB Electronic Co., Ltd.


China Good Design Winner 2015: Babyfirst R102A


Being honored by the China Good Design Award has enhanced the trust of consumers in the Babyfirst chairs and revealed the charm of the Babyfirst brand.

— Xu Lihong, chairman of the board,

Max-inf (Ningbo) Baby Product Co., Ltd. 


China Good Design Winner 2015: Hoop Speaker


Being approved by the China Good Design Award, LEXON has had more communication with Chinese enterprises and designers.

— RENé ADDA, founder of LEXON

 China Good Design Winner 2015: TaiChi


China Good Design Award proved our design and set the foundation for KLID to enter the international market.

— Ling Zida, Design Director, KLID International Interior Design




China Good Design Gold Winner 2015: Mini Tea Set T1


After winning the CGD award, the Mini Tea Set T1 has received more exposure and recognition. Meanwhile, the sales rise by 20% !

— Ke Chunmin, CEO and founder of Pertouch


China Good Design Winner 2015: Little Genius Y1


The China Good Design award has awarded our product the “Design Quality Certificate” and improved the influence of our brand.

—Qi Lei, Head of Industrial Design Department,

Guangdong Little Genius Technology Co., Ltd.

China Good Design Gold Winner 2015: Mi Headphone


The CGD award greatly promoted Chinese original designs to enter the international market. For 1MORE, being awarded the CGD Gold Winner is not only recognition of the design concept of “Intention, Ingenuity and Conscience”, but also a great encouragement for Chinese original designs. We deeply believe user-oriented designs have a more promising future.

—Xie Guanhong, CEO of 1More. Inc.