“Coach, I want to play basketball!”


Any bodywho has watched the Japanese cartoon Slam Dunk would remember this one sentence that Mitsui Hisashi said—“Coach, I want to play basketball!”

The protagonist, Mitsui Hisashi, is said to be the most humane character in theentire series. When he kneels down before his coach and cries “I want to play basketball”, he once again moves the audience. Today, we shall go over thenecessities of becoming a “basketball master”.


You need a uniform to assist you during exercising.


Power Shell

[China Good Design Winner 2015]

By compressing and supporting specific antagonistic muscles, the unnecessarymuscle vibration during the exercising process is reduced, saving energy andimproving the precision of movements.

Compressionmodels are manufactured after analyzing the transformation of human skinsduring specific basketball moves. The TPU craftsmanship of the clothes compressesand supports the antagonistic muscles, reduces the unnecessary muscle vibration,saves energy and improve the precision of movements.

Antagonistsare the muscle groups that oppose the agonistic muscles. When the agonists contract, the antagonists relax and support the agonists to finish themovements.



You need a lunch box to get enough nutrition.


Ultra thin Block Lunch Box

[China Good Design Winner 2015]

The ultra thin block lunch box is the thinnest lunch box on the market. The lunchbox has a thickness of 3.5cm and the length and width which can easily fit intoa briefcase, saving office workers the trouble of bringing an extra bag for thelunch box.

We have created the technology of “separate seal” to separate and seal thedifferent dishes, ensuring that the meal is both healthy and tasty. The designalso prevents leakage.

Thoughadopting the traditional buckles, the appearance of the product breaks throughthe structural constraints of conventional products. The design hides almostall structural forms and appears foursquare and neat.


Purity Nature

[China Good Design Gold Winner 2015]

With the combination ofceramic black-and-white and the natural wood grain, Purity Nature is a type ofbento box with a special homelike touch distinct from other products on themarket. Its design brings the users the warmth of home while fulfilling thefundamental function of carrying meals.

The utilization of woodgrain adds a sense of simplicity, freshness and sweetness.

In the aspect ofmaterial selection, the product uses durable and ceramic-like PBT material. Interms of functions, besides the basic functions of portability, attached cutlery and microwave heatability, the product has several humane practicalfeatures: first, the air vent on the lid can preserve the water content andnutrition of food during microwave heating; second, the double-deck design cansatisfy the users’ need of flexible capacity; third, the attached chopstickscan be assembled to an appropriate length, the ingenious structure of whichsolves the contradiction of portability and practicability.


You need a mug to prevent dehydration during exercising.


Klick Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug

[China Good Design Winner 2015]

TheKlick Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug integrates the opening and closing of the lidinto one single button and can pour water at 360 degrees. It uses thehigh-quality brushed stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic which issuitable for any environment.

The simple design of the mug fits it into different occasions, especially whendriving. The drivers do not need to take their eyes off the road, as it takesonly one hand to use the mug, ensuring the safety during driving.