How to Make Cats Love Bathing


Cat sare not orious for their fear of taking a bath. However, these CGD-winning designs can even make cats fall in love with bathing.


Thermo Ventilator

[ChinaGood Design Honourable Mention 2015]

The Thermo Ventilator follows a simple style prevailing in the 21st century—itsdetachable air filter brings fresh air, its compact and thin body save space,the various ways of installing meet the different requirements of users, andthe wireless remote control allows the user to experience the convenience andfun of the ventilator.


BC502 Faucet

[China Good Design Winner 2015]

Innovation:The faucet combines the solidness of stainless steel and the modern minimaliststyle. It features simple and sharp lines as well as a strong metal texture.

Economy:Stainless steel is non-toxic as it is free from lead and rust. Therefore, theproduct is more durable.

Eco-friendliness:The faucet uses non-toxic stainless steel. It is durable, safe, energy-savingand easy to maintain.

Aesthetics:The overall appearance of the faucet is simple and elegant. It combines squareand round elements and presents its metallic exterior texture.


BK601 Faucet

[China Good Design Winner 2015]

Innovation:The faucet integrates IMD (In-Mould Decorating) technology to print the whitelogo on the black mould, which can effectively convey its brand effect. Combiningthe solidity of stainless steel and the simple modern style, the round andsquare elements create simple and sharp lines. The faucet's handle ispositioned at the top for convenience.

Practicability:The 360-degree swivel spout and the stainless steel faucet are more convenient,durable and practical than ordinary copper faucets.



[China Good Design Winner 2015]

Thedesign is as natural and smooth as water streams and its colors are as dazzlingas candies. The concept of Candy Tap comes from candy, the sweet colors ofwhich satisfy the users' needs. The exterior of the tap mimics the naturalflowing water. Added with the touch-sensitive technology, the use of the tapcan be more efficient. Also, the temperature-sensitive alarming lights can makeyou feel the human touch of technology!



[China Good Design Winner 2015]

Mizuexceeds the traditional ceramic products and represents the innovation ofconventional aesthetics. It features a meticulously-designed “shell” and theinvisible drain, making it unique and appealing.

Mizubreaks through the definition and limitations of traditional basin. It improvesthe design of the drain to the largest extent, which is a bold move ofinnovation in the functionality and aesthetics of the product.


TheIntelligent Toilet

[China Good Design Winner 2015]

Thistype of intelligent toilet aims to integrate advanced electronic technology andthe intelligent technology of the Internet of Things into traditional bathroomequipments. It has a simple and fashionable design consisting of white ceramicsand rose gold.

The product focuses on the userexperience and uses only one button for different functions—automatic cleaning,warm air drying and automatic flushing. Also, it is suited to the complexenvironments of the Chinese market.


Innovative Dual-Function Spray Head

[China Good Design Honourable Mention 2015]

Theinnovative dual-function spray head for bidets controls the water spout in anentirely innovative way. Press the top of the spray to turn it on and turn the switchto change the forms of the spray. The forceful spray can clean off the dirt ofthe toilet and the mild bubbling water is comfortable and safe for your skin.


With these bathroom designs, even your cats would beg you for a bath!