From Nobita Nobi to Detective Conan



Though both of them are protagonists of popular Japanese cartoons, Nobita Nobi is an ordinary primary school student, while Detective Conan is the symbol of perfection.


Is it possible for Nobita to become Conan? Indeed, what he needs is one singleproduct.



elneo β collection

[ChinaGood Design Gold Winner 2015]

Theel neo β collection keeps the advantages of rimless glasses while eliminatingtheir problems. The latest technological material of Trivex / neo β-Ti securesthe glasses without any screws or rivets.

Employingthe advanced IP-color vacuum ion color coating, whose colors never fade, the elneo β is an extra-light, flexible and comfortable collection of glasses with awide sphere of vision. It is both fashionable and classy.



[China Good Design Winner 2015]

TheNaturalism.T is a series of bamboo glasses. With the two-year research anddevelopment and the improvement of traditional Chinese bamboo weavingcraftsmanship, the Raymond-L design team created a new technology, which keepsthe light quality of bamboo and improves its flexibility when a pair of glassesis as thin as 2.3mm and as light as 11g.

Madewith eco-friendly hand-craftsmanship, each pair of bamboo glasses has itsunique grains. The usage of composite material and β titanium adjusts theglasses to different head sizes. Meanwhile, users can disassemble the glassesinto fittings for collection.


With such glasses, Nobita is sure to look as cool as Detective Conan!