An Important but Neglected Role in Descendants of the Sun


The popular South Korean TV series, Descendants of the Sun, depicts a love story between a handsome soldier and a beautiful army doctor. 

In fact, there is an important but neglected role in the TV series,that is, the products in the CGD category of Life Science and Medicine.


AQ-200Image Processor

[China Good Design Winner 2015]


AQ-200 is an endoscope image processor which displays the processed images shot byendoscope on the displayer.


The endoscopic system includes an endoscope handle, a displayer and an imageprocessor, and AQ-200 takes the respons ibilities of an image processor.


Thedevice features a simple, safe and comfortable appearance. It is designed forthe endoscope medical device system and easy to use.




[ChinaGood Design Winner 2015]


iMAC120 is a high-end 12-channel electrocardiographwidely used in regular wards, ICUs, CCUs, emergency department andelectrocardiographic rooms. The machine collects and displays 12channels of electrocardiogram simultaneously on the same screen, greatlyraising the detection rate of myocardial infarction in the ventriculus dexterand paries cordis.


The device is compatible with card readers, which can link to the patients’information quickly and accurately; it supports multiple languages andpossesses a handlebar which can transform into a stand, making it simple andconvenient; it also has a large storage space and a long stand-by time; themobile trolley suits it to emergent occasions.




[ChinaGood Design Winner 2015]


iMAC12 is a high-end 12-channel ECG machine developed and designed for the medicalnetwork and mobile medical care. It is mainly used for ward visits, emergencyand family medical care.


Thesystem is equipped with the Cortex-A8 processor hardware platform and the Linuxoperating system. The original Ecare ECG algorithm is validated by the AmericanHeart Association (AHA) ECG database. At the same time, it can support the ECGalgorithm of the University of Glasgow, which greatly improves the efficiencyand accuracy of clinical diagnosis.




[ChinaGood Design Winner 2015]


Thisis a type of high-end full-body color Doppler ultrasound machine withoutstanding performance in cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as intreating breast, musculoskeletal and blood vessel diseases. The device comeswith a built-in analysis software package.


Itis an ultrasound machine which combines multiple advanced imaging technologyand clinical application.



Blue2 Switch

[China Good Design Winner 2015]


Patientsof autism, brain paralysis or Asperger’s Syndrome often struggles in theirmovement, and the Blue2 Switch is an external control which links to iOSdevices via Bluetooth. It enables patients to use iOS devices easily. With asimple appearance, it guides users and satisfies their needs.



Talking Brix

[ChinaGood Design Honourable Mention 2015]


Verbal communication is one of the toughest challenges for children growing up with autism,brain paralysis or Asperger’s Syndrome. The Talking Brix adopts the tenonstructure from the traditional Chinese architecture and different Brixes can befreely put together, so that the users can use it anytime and anywhere,according to the pre-saved voice messages. The magnetic structure on the bottomof the Brix enables users to move it or fix it on metal.