Enjoy a Cinematic Experience at Home


Christmas Eve is coming. The meticulously decorated Christmas trees seem especially warm and brilliant.

Everyone seems happy in the festive atmosphere.

However, we are always faced with one dilemma during holidays—it’s really hard to get a movie ticket.

Don’t worry. The 2015 China Good Design winners make sure that you can enjoy a cinematic experience at home.

Coocaa T55 TV

[2015 CGD Gold Winner]

Shenzhen Chuangwei-RGB Electronic Co., Ltd., China

The liquid crystal display of Coocaa T55 TV uses the advanced three-layer structure, leading ultra-thin 2mm light panel and the suspending frameless technology. The final product has an amazing thickness of 7.9mm.

The LG new generation Air 4K screen employs the suspending frameless design on its left, upper and right edges.

The images appear to be wilder and more vivid. It is like you have moved the entire cinema into your house.

The linen decoration of the TV can be customized according to your needs. It is firm, damp-proof and anticorrosive. Also, its simple design suits different decorative styles.

(Coocaa T55 TV was awarded as the 2015 CGD Gold Winner)

Skyworth S9300

[2015 CGD Honourable Mention]

Shenzhen Chuangwei-RGB Electronic Co., Ltd., China

S9300 is a type of OLED organic TV. Compared with the traditional LCD TV, OLED TV does not need a backlight, so the TV set can be much thinner. The body of S9300 is as thin as 5.27mm with a brushed metal backboard.

Meanwhile, Skyworth S9300 have a self-luminous body composed of four colors—red, green, blue and white, accentuating its contrast, speed, wild view angle and tonal range. The 4K resolution produces the high-definition images with 33.17 million sub-pixels. Its image quality and color accuracy is much better than that of LCD TVs.

The sound box of S9300 employs transparent materials to add a futuristic feeling. Six speakers are inlayed in the transparent panel. The tympanic membrane uses carbon fiber and silk cloth to present every detail of the sound and produce professional sound effect. You can almost enjoy a live show at your own household.

(Skyworth S9300 won the 2015 CGD Honourable Mention.)

Electrical appliances always give us a cool feeling. These designs can change that and bring to your home a sense of art and warmth.

Merry Christmas Eve and enjoy a good movie at home.