Listen to the Voice of Nature


Imagine that wind is the voice of nature and the wave is the ocean singing.

Our life quality should improve with the development of economy and technology. We should be able to live according to our own will and enjoy the fun technology brought to us.

This time, let us stop for a minute and listen to the voice of nature with the 2015 CGD awarded works.

Mi Headphone

[2015 CGD Gold Winner]

1More. Inc, China

The Mi Headphone is equipped with a piston sound chamber made by the diamond cutting technique, ensuring a stronger and firmer low pitch sound and the eco-friendliness of the producing process. The users can change the style of the earphone according to their preferences. The headphone utilizes memory foam and breathable leather, which can help relieve pressure and release heat, so that users will feel comfortable even after a long time use.

Apart from its good functional design, the Mi Headphone also has a good look. The combination of black leather and metal constitutes the cool style of the headphone. Meanwhile, the red suture of the black leather band distinguishes it from other designs.

The high quality of the headphone cannot be neglected. The sound-producing monomer made of 50mm vibrating diaphragm can produce pure music with higher efficiency.

(The Mi Headphone received the 2015 CGD Gold Winner.)

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

[2015 CGD Gold Winner]

Beijing Xiaomi Electronics Co., Ltd., China

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is a small portable wireless sound box. Its portable design and ultra-long stand-by time enable users to enjoy music anywhere without limitations by areas, whether on the sofa at home, in a boat on a tranquil lake or in a tent in the mountains.

To ensure its high quality, the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with a metal body. The exquisite craftsmanship endows the speaker with a beautiful and textured appearance and a long service life. Also, there are three different colors—gold, blue and pink—for you to choose from.

(Xiaomi Bluetooth Soundbox received the 2015 CGD Gold Winner.)