Love is an Ever-Fixed Mark


Lights are frequently seen images in poem and prose.

In The Crescent Moon, Tagore wrote, “I stopped for a moment in my lonely way under the starlight, and saw spread before me the darkened earth surrounding with her arms countless homes furnished with cradles and beds, mothers' hearts and evening lamps, and young lives glad with a gladness that knows nothing of its value for the world.” Shakespeare, in his Sonnet 116, said, “Love… is an ever-fixed mark, that looks on tempests and is never shaken.” We also need such a “mark” to illuminate our lives.

Today, we shall take a look at the 2015 China Good Design award-winning lamps.

LED Lighthouse

[2015 CGD Gold Winner]

Bela DESIGN, China

The Lighthouse LED lamp is made entirely of wood. Its simple and sharp styling highlights its natural characteristics. The LED beads hidden inside the lampshade enable the light to be reflected by the concave surface of the lamp holder, so that the wood appears to be the light source. The design softens the light and illustrates the beauty of the wood grain.

The combination of neat straight lines and gentle curves set off the texture of natural wood.

The designers are able to present the beauty of the wood grain to the users and express their own ideas of wood through the newfangled design.

(The LED lighthouse won the 2015 China Good Design Gold Winner.)

Angle Light

[2015 CGD Honourable Mention]

Tao Industrial Design Co., Ltd., China

Angle Light is a wireless mobile bamboo night-light. The highlight of its design is the switch and the light source which yield convenience to people who often wakes up during the night. The switch is which is simple and aesthetic. The light employs the eco-friendly material of bamboo and keeps the natural grain to preserve the original purity of nature.

The bevel light source and LED warm light guide panel protect your eyes from direct light and will not disturb other people. The designer expresses the philosophy and aesthetics of life through the design: Believe everything. There is no specific standard of right or wrong, of beautiful or ugly. It is just a matter of angle.

(The Angle Light won the 2015 CGD Honourable Mention.)

There is always a lamp lit especially for you.

Merry Christmas.