Add to your Life a Sense of Ritual|[The New Year Special Edition] Designs to Retrieve the Sense of Ritual


2016 is around the corner. At this time of the year, companies start their annual review, schools prepare for the final examinations, and households begin their year-end cleaning. In every Spring Festival, families gather together for the family reunion dinner and watch the New Year Gala on TV. The New Year’s Eve is just like any other night in essence, but we need the sense of ritual to memorize the past year and welcome the new year.


It is the same with everyday lives—we need a sense of ritual to render our lives meanings.  Today, we would like to share with you some special designs which can add a sense of ritual to your everyday lives in 2016.


Ruutu Glass Vase

[ Red Dot:  Best of the Best 2015 ]

The Ruutu glass vase is designed by theFrench designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Made by Finnish craftsman with traditional glass-blowing workmanship,  every  vase is a work of art. It is simple rhombus design allows for endless possibilities of combination. Even more surprisingly,  when vases of different colors are accumulated,  they can produce more colors like a palette.


HOOP Speaker

[ China Good Design Winner 2015 ]

The ABS rubber material of the Hoop Bluetooth Speaker provides the users with gentle tactility. With various colors to choose from, including dark blue, gray, red and light green,  the speakers are asalluring as doughnuts.  Meanwhile,  with low energy consumption and high configuration, the speaker is able to produce high-quality sound.  It can be fixed on the wall with its special fastener design,  or hung by the silicone string attached. Moreover,  it is Bluetooth can connect with two phones within the distance of 10meters.  The Hoop Bluetooth Speaker can definitely create a festive atmosphere for the new year.


CM 6310 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

  [ Red Dot 2015 ]

This Automatic coffee machine has the special function of “One Touch for Two”— press the button and it will make two types of coffee for you at the same time,  bringing convenience to people who need to prepare two cups of coffee.  What is more,  when the machine is turned off,  it will start self-cleaning automatically,  saving users of the trouble ofcleaning.  Prepare two cups of coffee,  share with your workmate and start working with unflagging energy!


Water Corrugated Ceramic Series

[ China Good Design Winner 2015 ]

The design of Water Corrugated Ceramic Series is inspired by the natural scenery—the course and rhythm of streaming water. Upholding the concept of simplicity and utility,  the Corrugated Seriesis suitable for different environments,  whether it is a traditional Chinese dinner or a leisure afternoon tea.  In the upcoming new year,  a new set of cutlery will promise you a good appetite.



[ China Good Design Winner 2015 ]

The Aroma lamp combines smell with atmosphere.  As essential oil vaporizes when heated,  the lamp relaxes human body through the senses of sight and smell.  Pour some essential oil in the receptacle and turn on the light,  and the smell of the oil will spread out in the room. The double-layer glass produces different lighting effects. Turn on the Aroma lamp before you sleep,  and it will provide a relaxing environment for you.


Fire Globe Stove

[ Red Dot 2015 ]

Compared with an electric heater,  a stove is more romantic and poetic.  The Fire Globe stove can add brilliance to the flameand be safely used in the garden or on the balcony.  It provides summer-like warmth to the users even in a freezing winter’s night. Made of black matte enamel steel and aluminum,  it has a simple and elegant appearance,  which can serve as a beautiful decoration for your home at any time of  the year.


Stelton EASY Kitchenware

[ Red Dot: Best of the Best 2015 ]

EASY redefines the word “kitchenware”.  Made of specially-processed white oak,  it ensures a long service life and will not leave scratches on the pots or dishes. If maintained properly, the kitchenware will be even more polished as time passes by.  EASY has an elegant ergonomic handle,  which is comfortable to use. Cooking a tasty meal for yourself,  your family and friends with the assistance of good kitchenware might leave you a warm winter memory.


Mini Tea Set T1

[ China Good Design Gold Winner 2015 ]

The Mini Tea Set T1 is an exquisite tea setsuitable for work and travel.  It has a simple appearance inspired by the Chinese scenery. Despite a minimalist look,  it is also humane and easy to use.  It is round teapot is suitable for both left-handers and right-handers; the double-layer heat-insulated structure prevents users from being scalded;  itsultra-thin eco-friendly tea tray made of ABS material is durable and easy toclean;  the design of 15 drains accelerates the draining process. You can enjoya cup of warm tea even when you are far away from home.



 [ China Good Design Winner 2015 ]

The Dream Time Clock is an exquisite clock. It deviates from the traditional square-toed style and asserts its characteristic with two “ears”.  The left “ear” is a button for setting time anddate,  while the right one is for alarm clock and switching between Centigradeand Fahrenheit. There is also a knob to control the volume.  On the top of theclock is a SNOOZE/LIGHT sign with a touch sensor.  If you want to sleep late, touch the button when the alarm goes and it will turn off.  Wake up every morning to the melody of Dream Time!


The prestigious Chinese writer Wang Xiaobo oncesaid,  “Life itself alone is not enough for people.  We should have a poetic world.”  We hope that these beautiful designs will help you retrieve the senseof ritual in your life.