Necessities to Survive in the Wild


The adventurer Bear Grylls from the adventure reality show “Man vs. Wild” is known as the man standing at the “top of the food chain”.

In the program, he has to survive in the forest and go across the glaciers. 

Bear Grylls has proved to us the potential of human beings and provided us with various ways to survive in the wild. 

Apart from the knowledge, you need NEOLIX 1 to give you a helping hand.


NEOLIX 1 is a type of outdoor sports phone designed especially for outdoor sport and outdoor work. It is made of supersolid materials and each corner is protected by silica gel. Its shockproof, waterproof and dustproof qualities make it suitable for all kinds of complicated environment.


The appearance of NEOLIX 1 is both smartand unconventional. It features a concave design on both the left and rightside, enabling a firm grip. The back of NEOLIX 1 is textured with carbon fiber, which adds a classy sense to the product.  With various types of high-tech craftsmanship,  including gore-tex waterproof technology and adhesive coating, its design is functional, modern and aesthetic.


With the waterproof and dustproof qualities, NEOLIX 1 can operate underwater for 30 minutes, take photo under water and resist to extreme temperature as low as minus 20 degrees. The built-in high-storage battery enables 48 days of standby time. Meanwhile,  its peripheral interfaces allow for extending functions and suit it to more sports andactivities.


NEOLIX 1 is essential for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor workers. Its smart design was awarded Gold Winner ofthe China Good Design Award. 2015.


( NEOLIX 1 was awarded the CGD Gold Winner 2015.)


NEOLIX,  founded in 2010,  is a corporation designing and developing industrial professional outdoor PDAs and intelligent products. It was the first company to design terminal products suited to the habits and working environment of Chinese couriers.


The Design Center is the core department of NEOLIX, mainly composed of industrial designers and structural designers. It aims at producing innovative designs with both aesthetic and functional values. Every new product has to pass a strict test apart from possessing a pleasing appearance and satisfying the needs of users.