The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Kids


Christmas is around the corner. All parents want to give their kids the most amazing Christmas surprise. However, candies and chocolate may cause tooth decay, iPad can do harm to kids’ eyes, and children grow out of clothes quickly. What is both interesting and beneficial? These CGD winners might make the perfect gifts for kids.

Green Science

Making Learning Fun ...

4M's mission is to develop fun and meaningful play experience that nurtures children’s interests with educational toys.

Working today for a Greener Tomorrow ...

As young minds develop, it is imperative for them to realize important world issues.  To arouse children’s interest in the environment and sustainability, we have launched the Green Science series to deliver and encourage “green attitude” through the subjects of:

4M actively involves in community projects concerning children’s welfare and environmental issues.  They are partners with Oxfam, World Vision and the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.

kid swing

“Kid Swing”, as the name implies, it is a gift for kids.

As all know, children are always innocent, playful and curious about the new things around them. The swinging chair designed by us is purposely suited for these special natures of kids at their special age-childhood.

Design ideas

“Kid Swing", as a detachable chair, is designed for kids aged above 3. It is original model can be traced back to the 1980s in China, at which toys were not available and out memories actually are all about such a small chair,  sittingon the chair,  swinging and waiting.

In order to make it less monotonous,  we use two types of wood: one is black walnut and the otherash.  Black walnut,  in addition to its use on the seat part of the chair, it isused  for the four feet as a decoration. The rest of the parts are all Ash wood.

The two swinging tracks on the bottom can be removed. This makes this product more functional, as is can be used as a normal chair for the grown-ups in the future while it remains their memories.



Okii Y1 is specially designed for children with an independent communication function. Children can talk and message with their parents by using it. In an emergency situation parents can find children’s exact location.  Y1 adopts the initiative technology tointegrate GSM, GPS, and Wifiantennas on a watch shell,  which successfully resolved the problem that traditional smart watch host and watchband cannot be separated.  It provides more possibilities for the use of the product.  By using relevant accessories, Y1 can be used as a watch, a necklace, even as a decoration.

The Bi-color rubber watchband, originally uses Bi-color injection technology toseparate different color of the same material at the same injection molding temperature. The watchband use Dow Corning Corporation of the United Statesfood grade silicone. This material has excellent wear resistance, skinfriendly, antibacterial and anti allergic properties, which ensure the safety and comfort of wearing,  in this way we solve skin allergy problems to the maximum extent.

Y1 lens use the Corning's Gorilla 2.5D arc glass lens.  It protects the watch's screen from the damage in children’s games to the maximum extent.



Baby First R501A is a group 1/2/3 car seat for child from 9kg to 36kg. This baby carseat presents two different configurations, based on the weight of the child: forward facing with harness for babies from 9kg- 18kg; high back booster for children from 15kg -36kg.

It has three recline position, ensuring maximum comfort whilst complying with the highest standards of safety.

Baby First R501A has five safety configurations:

 -  aside impact protection system

 - high-performance energy absorption materials

 - length adjustable ISOFIX system

 - backrest width adjustable system 

-  headrest height adjustable together with harness system

provide maximum protection for kids.

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