Good Design brings Good Music


The origin of music is too far-away to betraced.  However,  in ancient times,  primitive people already knew how to use tone and volume to express their feelings;  and infants, even before they could speak, can sway to the rhythm.

Good music sooths your soul, and a good speakerbrings you good music.  Here are the award-winning speaker designs of China Good Design Award 2015.


It is a bionic sound. The purpose of the bionic design is to improve products themselves, and find the emotional intersection between things and people.

Existing square shape, round shape and oval shape are inanimate geometric symbols, although it meets more people's preferences to a certain extent,  it interfere with the emotional communication between people and products,  that is to say, these forms of products isolate the user and the product,  they can only through the function to connect.

Designers can take the lovely elements from the animals. Through the analysis of avariety of animals,  we find that when reduced the whale size from the huge topalm size, it became very cute. And the method of abstracting the concrete products can make products more cute and easy to meet the aesthetic needs of users, it also can avoid visual fatigue. So finally, we choose to use the form of the whale to carry out the bionic design.

Designers use the tail of the whale as hand rope of sound and connect with sound body, vivid and interesting, and it convenient to be carried,  let users can no longer choose the heavy sound.


FINE bluetooths peaker, this product is with striated wave, detailed body, and nice metallic feel. It is showing the precision work.

The metal grid which like the honeycomb, it let the product has original nature beauty. The product inside is with high quality speaker, it has the excellent sound for people.

This product is very small but exquisite. It can contact with the phone, pad feely. You can enjoy the music in every place you want.

It is a good partner for the morning reading, outdoor sport and other activity.

Dingdong Smart Speaker

This is a new Smart interactive product. The key features included Far-field hand free voice control,  proprietary acoustic design, speech control while music playback, 5 meter far field speech recognition,  Voice recognition from all directions, andcan recognize voice accurately under noisy environment. 

Another main feature is to serve as intelligent home control Centre by JD smart app. Through the clouds,  the user can listen to 1000 million high-quality songs,  4 million hours Audio books, 1000 radio stations.  It's a perfect design with combination of metal streamline design and seamless welding technology.  There are Black,  Whiteand Red color options to suit for a variety home environment.


Hoop speaker, with ABS silicone material which is with nice feeling. It has dark blue, grey,red, light green color, such as the colorful doughnut. They look delicious.The product withCSR BC8 clip, 4.0 bluetooth which is low power consumption. The configuration is suit Bluetooth v4.0+EDR.

It with 32 grade voice to adjust, and 2 pcs 3W speaker to have nice sound. The speaker is with special wall-hung design, also can hung by the silicon belt. This product can support 2 different phones’Bluetooth. The product’s working area: diameter 10m.