Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2015 Closed, the “Top Show for Global Design Brands” Won International Recognition


Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2015 closed on 2 November. The total number of audiences reached 3.5 million, turnover on spot amounted to approximately CNY 80 million and the intended turnover reached CNY 120 million. This year’s Xiamen International Design Week was positioned as a “Top Show for Global Design Brands”. Its excellent planning and implementation provided exhibitors, designers, business clients and design lovers all across the world with the experience of immersing in an international design week.


(Photo: Wang Menghui, member of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC and Secretary of Xiamen Municipal Committee of the CPC, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot Design Award and other leaders)


A Top Show for Global Design Brands


This  year’s design week transformed the business model of traditional fairs and set the components of “exhibition, road show, appraisal and promotion”. Approximately 60 Red Dot award-winning design institutions and international exhibitors were invited to exhibit and release new products in Xiamen. The exhibition arranges domestic exhibitors, top car brands and top home-furnishing brands following the principle of “brand complementation”, so that domestic exhibitors could have the chance to improve their brand image. This kind of service elevates the exhibition to a top show for brands and attracts a large amount of turnover for enterprises.


(Photo: the Company Presentation of Epiano Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

Epiano Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. released its 2016 new product—“Find” in its Company Presentation and more than 100 e-pianos were ordered within the four days of the design week. 

Germany’s top cabinet brand KIC will open its flagship store in Xiamen. The Xiamen Internationa Design Week is the first event for the brand to attend in Fujian and the turnover of orders exceeded CNY 3million. Over 20 design teams signed contracts with this brand on interior design cooperation. 

LEXON, the French designer’s brand, announced the establishment of “LEXON China Design Center”. René Adda, the founder of LEXON remarked, “it is a very important platform. Our advantage of having resources of designers would not be shown if it is only an exhibition.” The art director of European renowned studio PSBZ design Daniel commented that it is the best design exhibition he has ever attended in China. More than ten exhibitors reserved a booth of next year before the exhibition ended.


“The Path to Success” of China Good Design 


The  China Good Design Award is co-launched by Red Dot Award and Xiamen Culture Media Group as an emerging international design award in China. The first CGD award held in 2015 received a total of 999 design products across the globe.With a jury composed of nine leading figures in the field of industrial design,16 Gold Winner awards, 75 Winner awards and 15 Honorable Mention awards were chosen among the 333 finalists.

The stage of the award ceremony is transformed from the logo of CGD, resembling the Eight Diagrams. The G-shaped path on the stageis referred to as “The Path to Success”. This unique symbol of CGD contains philosophical connotations of the Chinese culture. Every awarded winner shall walk through “The Path to Success” and receive honor and brand promotion for pursuing ultimate design in the applause of designers across the globe.


Ke Chumin, General Manager of Pertouch Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd had the honor of stepping onto “The Path to Success”. The design product “Mini Tea Set T1” from his company has earned a volume of 140 thousand within one week since it won the China Good Design Gold Winner. It has also been on sale at the “Design Gift Shop” special to this year’s design week and more than 100 sets were sold within four days. “The Path to Success” advocated by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec is perfectly revealed from the success of “Mini Tea Set T1”.


AJourney of Design at the Seashore 

(Photo: The Third Bank—the Party of Designers at the Seashore)

The “Designers at the Seashore” urban exhibition project expanded the activities of “Red Dot in China” from the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center to more than fifty design studios, hotels and creative stores all over the Xiamen city. Approximately 100 exhibitions, salons, workshops and creative bazaars were held, attracting more than 30 thousand audiences. The original “Journey of Design” released a series of products including designed passports, maps and guidebooks as well as cooperated with Uber to yield convenience for the design lovers.

With the “Journey of Design”, the tourist city Xiamen has entered a new phase oftourism—the “design, culture and leisure tourism” initiated by Xiamen International Design Week. This concept of tourism enables the tourists to experience the urban exhibition project under the concept of “Oceanic Culture and Design”.


“Dialogue”: Cooperated TV forum with CCTV


(Photo: The shooting of the “Dialogue” program)


Why is design the third kind of language which cannot be destroyed in the future?

Whatis a subversive industrial design?

Are appearances emphasized in industrial design?


The renowned “Dialogue” program of the CCTV Finance Channel, hosted by the prestigiousanchor Chen Weihong, shot on spot at the Xiamen International Design Week on the evening of 1 November. Prof.Dr. Peter Zec, Foundr and CEO of Red Dot Design Award, Liu Guanzhong, the father of China industrial design, and personages of the Chinese manufacturing Industry and design Industry joined Chen for an insightful TV forum and discussed what “China good design” truly is.What is worth mentioning is that in the shooting of the program, many exhibitors and finalists of CGD award appeared on the stage of CCTV. Morevoer, many award-winning designers had the chance to introduce their works to the nationa laudiences in the program. The program reflected once again the unique positioning as a “Top Show for Global Design Brands” for Xiamen International Design Week. 

Influential and Effective Publicity


The design week takes a multi-media strategy in its publicity. Hitherto more than 350 articles were released in national mainstream media, online media and We Media and the number of viewers in We Media exceeded 500 thousand. Besides, NetEase.com and Sohu.com established a column for the design week. Furthermore, Xiamen International Design Week was also paid special attention to by the CCTV and appeared on the CCTV News of 1 November. The award ceremony of CGD award was also reported in THE SUNDAY TIMES newspaper. The positioning of the Xiamen International Design Week as a “Top Show for Global Design Brands” is highly recognized by design brands and professionals across the world.