Leading Industrial Design Figures Gather at Xiamen International Design Week |Meet the Jury of CGD


 "Meet the Jury" event of the first China Good Design Award was held this morning at Xiamen International Design Week­ - Red Dot in China. The jury composed of ten leading figures of global industrial design gathered at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center to discuss the topic of “ChinaGood Design”. Achim Zolke, Head of Communication of Red Dot Design Award, gave an opening speech and introduced the judges to the audiences: Gordon Bruce (USA), Martin Darbyshire (UK), Aleksandar Tatic (Germany and Italy), Prof. Jure Miklavc (Slovenia), Prof. Dr. Ken Nah (South Korea), Prof. He Renke (China), Mårten Claesson (Sweden), Prof. Guan Zhengneng (Taiwan, China) and Prof. Song Kee Hong (Singapore).


"China Good Design”, abbreviated as CGD, is launched by the Red Dot Design Award as an emerging international design award in China. In May of 2015, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot Design Award, arrived at Xiamen and gave an opening speech for the 2015 CGD award. Red Dot is responsible for the selection of the international jury and the process of review. The award-winners shall enjoy both an international prestige as well as services including marketing, exhibitions and brand authorization. With the experiencesand resources of running a top-level design award for 60 years, Red Dot Award Organization ensures the solemnity and authority of CGD.


Gordon Bruce, Chief partner of Gordon Bruce DesignLLC, remarked in the meeting: “A product is not a good design if it cannot help with people’s lives. Even in the field of IT, it is vital to understand the needs of the costumers and integrate them into the functions of the product. A product is not good unless it meets with the customers’ needs and yields convenience.”


The Co-founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune, Mårten Claesson, expressed his appreciation of this year’s CGD entries: “The entries for this year’s CGD award in general show a high quality. I am most impressed by the entry of a tea set. When designing a product, we should consider both its functions and its poetic quality.”


Martin Darbyshire, Founder and CEO of the international renowned consulting company Tangerine, reminded the representatives from enterprises and design institutions: “Designers should design for the customers and it is especially important to create aunique experience. What we are doing is to create a brand, thus we cannot forget to build a recognisable brand identity.”


Prof. Dr. Ken Nah, the Dean of IDAS from South Korea, said: “The biggest challenge for the judges is to understand the culture of China. Though I have some knowledge of the Chinese culture as I come from South Korea, it takes further study to achieve a well-rounded understanding.” 

Prof. Song Kee Hong from the National University of Singapore commented that the entries in both China and Singapore exhibit a high standard. The difference is that entries for CGD have more Chinese characteristics.


This year’s CGD award received a total of 999 design products across the globe. With a jury composed of ten leading figures in the field of industrial design, the first CGD elected 333 finalists, which have been exhibited during the Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2015. All finalists for CGD award are invited to the award ceremony tonight, during which the winners of CGD award will be announced. The international jury of CGD award, the award winners and designers from home and abroad will attend the “Designers’ Night” afterwards to celebrate Xiamen’s progress to become an international design city.