Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2015: Leading Xiamen to the World in the Name of Design


Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2015 opened in the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center in 30 October. This year is the fourth year since the world-renowned Red Dot Design Award began its cooperation with Xiamen. “Red Dot in China” has become a symbol of Xiamen and a platform for the first-rate designers around the world.

On the morning of 30 October, Wang Menghui, member of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC and Secretary of Xiamen Municipla Committee of the CPC, inspected the exhibition along with other leaders of the Xiamen Municipal Government and expressed his appreciation of the China Good Design Award. Guo Guirong, Vice Mayor of Xiamen Municipal Government, together with Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot Design Award, lit up the logo o fRed Dot, which implies “the light of design”.

Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2015 has become the spotlight of the design industry beforei ts inauguration. A large-scale city exhibition project “Designers at theSeashore” has been launched by the Xiamen International Design Week Committee, attracting hundreds of designers and dozens of local art and design companies. The exhibitions, salons, workshops and creative bazaars have conveyed the concept that art and design is in daily life and aroused people’s interest towards this year’s Xiamen International Design Week, the highlights of which are as follows.


Highlight No.1: Red Dot Design Award Winning Products Exhibition

As the largest-scale Red Dot Exhibition second only to the Red Dot Design Museum in Germany, this year’s Xiamen International Design Week will display 170 pieces of Red Dot Design Award winning products, including Lenovo Y40 gaming laptop, Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone, Fitbit ChargeHR and multiple household supplies. Furthermore, a Sony demo room will be settled in the Quality Life Hall of the fair. With a size of 200 square meters, it is Sony’s biggest demo room in 2015 in China. Moreover, during the design week, the CEOs of four European Red Dot winning design institutions will give speeches and unveil their new products of 2016.


Highlight No.2: The Largest-scale Design Fair

Forty-one Red Dot winning enterprises and institutions around the globe will appear at the Design Fair, including Schumann Design from Germany, Tatic Design Studio from Italy, CLOSCAD esign from Spain and Claesson Koivist Rune from Sweden. World’s top designers will attend the fair, such as Gordon Bruce, Chief partner of Gordon Bruce Design LLC and major design consultant of Samsung, Porsche and Lenovo, and Aleksandae Tatic, Founder of Tatic Design Studio. During the design week, companies will negotiateon on scene about the design service, co-branding, product agency, etc. It is a great opportunity for enterprises to collaborate, transform and upgrade.


Highlight No.3: Announcement of the first China Good Design Award

The China Good Design Award was held by Red Dot Design Award and Xiamen Culture Media Group as an emerging international design award in China. Since its launch in May of 2015, the award has received approximately a thousand entries. 333 finalists have been selected by ten international expert judges after the first-round online pre-judgeand and will be exhibited during the design week. Meanwhile, international judges will have a close communication with participating designers and decide on the Gold Winner of the first China Good Design Award. The award ceremony will be held on the night of 31 October at the Xiamen Little Egret Art Center. China Good Design Award will become an important platform to scout for design talents in China and to impel the global excellent designers to “design for China”.


Highlight No.4: “Designers at theSeashore”, the Large-scale City Exhibition Project

"Designers at the Seashore” is a large-scale city exhibition project launched by Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2015. Hundreds of designers and dozens of Xiamen art and design companies have been carrying out hundreds of exhibitions, lectures,workshops and creative bazaars. This year’s design week extended the concept of exhibition and promotes the concept of “design culture and leisure travel”. It is estimated that this project will attract tens of thousands of design lovers to visit Xiamen during the design week. By upholding the idea of “Maritime Culture Design”, “Designers at the Seashore” will help establish the “Maritime Silk Road” for international communication in the design industry.


Highlight No.5: Television forum cooperated with the “Dialogue” program of CCTV

The renowned “Dialogue” program of the CCTV Finance Channel, hosted by the prestigious anchor Chen Weihong, will be shooting on spot at the Xiamen International Design Week. Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, along with judges of Red Dot Award and China Good Design Award and personages of the Chinese manufacturing industry as well as design industry will join Chen for a insightful TV forum and discuss what “China gooddesign” truly is.

Holding the concept of “Experience Design Innovation, Participate Time Changes, Lead LifeAesthetics”, Xiamen International Design Week strives to promote the industrial development with innovation and transform Xiamen into a world-renowned city ofdesign.